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Client Testimonials


Dear Prospective Client,

We met with Erin Burke in January 2017, after reviewing his stellar track record in selling homes in Los Gatos, and particularly his expertise in selling homes with guest houses. We were impressed by Erin’s proposal, including his uniquely professional videos and brochures, his knowledge of reaching clients in a broad area of Northern California through Coldwell Banker’s extensive network, taking advantage of online real estate apps and through social media. He exuded confidence and know-how to be able to sell our home quickly.

Erin held an open house on both Saturday and Sunday the first weekend on the market. He made sure to learn about all of the features of our home, including the many upgrades we had added, to be able to share that information with interested buyers. Erin is extremely intelligent and a very detail-oriented thinker and presenter. His presentation of our home to interested buyers and their agents was superb.

As a result, on the following Monday we had four highly qualified offers to consider. Erin’s experience to detail each of the offers, carefully consider and respond to the offers and to negotiate the best deal for us was exceptional. In addition, it was a pleasure to work with Erin. He made the entire process enjoyable – he was fun to work with.

Our sale went smoothly and we closed within a month. We highly recommend Erin Burke to anyone needing an agent to buy or sell Los Gatos area real estate and would use his services again for future real estate purchases or sales.


Robert and Kathy M.


Erin is a wonderful real estate agent who we highly recommend.  He is incredibly knowledge about Los Gatos - we bought and sold our home with him.  Whether handling multiple offers, negotiating on his client’s behalf, marketing our property and assisting with inspections, Erin is a dream to work with.  However, it is his level of personal care that truly makes Erin stand head and shoulders above not only other real estate agents but most other people!

When we first purchased in Los Gatos, we did not have resources for some of the repairs and changes we needed/wanted to make.  Not only did Erin have a Rolodex of terrific professionals at the ready, he supervised some of the work in our absence (after the sale had closed).  When we moved, I had the joy of coming down with the flu.  Erin not only came over to assist with the movers, he brought me food, and drove me (and checked me in) to a hotel on the last night so I could sleep in a bed (ours was already on the truck).   Seriously, who does that these days?

We highly recommend you choose to work with Erin to buy or sell your Los Gatos home.

Lisa & Brad

Erin is a consummate professional, one of the rare people in business who always provides his clients more than they expected.  He knows more about real estate in Los Gatos than anyone I know. He goes so far beyond what other realtors do -- there is almost no comparison.

I recommend Erin as your real estate agent and as a friend, which he will no doubt become shortly.

Marc S.

After the birth of our son, my wife and I were in a position where we needed to sell our home and upgrade to one that could accommodate our larger family.  When it came time to finding a realtor, we had some specific criteria in mind that we wanted to make sure was met by whoever we chose.  Specifically, we were looking for someone who was experienced and really knew the market, and would take the time to actually listen to what our needs are.  Additionally, we wanted someone who was responsive, with great follow-thru and attention to detail.  After spending time with Erin, we knew that he not only had these qualities, but would go the extra mile in every way for his clients.  Selling our house was a breeze, and Erin did a great job advising us on how to prep the house to maximize value, and worked with us every step of the way to select a buyer and ensure a smooth transaction.  When we went to purchase a house, we quickly found a property we liked.  However, it turned out there were some unanticipated hurdles that required a lot of hand-holding and supervision.  Once again, Erin was there on every level to help troubleshoot and brainstorm solutions to get us to the finish line.  We highly recommend Erin as a competent and ethical realtor who truly cares about his clients and understands how to be an effective adviser and advocate.



Dear Erin,

We just wanted to put in writing what we told you last week.  When we attended the open house at 109 Colorado in Los Gatos 2 weeks ago, we were extremely impressed with your knowledge and attention to detail when showing us around.  We have attended many open houses and most realtors will leave you alone and say ‘let me know if you have any questions.’  You, on the other hand, took the time to really show us the house and all its features which would not have been obvious to us.  You pointed out the good and bad points of the house which gave us confidence in your openness and knowledge about the house, and truly represented your clients well.  As a result of your presentation, we made a full price offer on the same day.  If we were ever going to offer a house for sale in the future you would be our first choice as the listing agent.

Thank you for everything,

Steve & Gina

As former clients of Erin we had a wonderful experience with him.

His professionalism and personality relieve much of the stress when either buying or selling a house. He is there for you no matter the case, and a true joy to work with !  You can feel confident he will do what is best for you in all matters of importance, and as a result inspires unlimited trust which, to us, is extremely important.

Mim and Mike O'Neal

Let me begin my saying that I have purchased three other homes in my lifetime, so I am well aware of the duties and obligations a realtor has towards their client. Erin Burke went well beyond the perceived expectations. It was by complete happenstance that Erin and I crossed paths during one of his Open Houses. Despite the fact that the home had just gone under contract, he still took the time to give me a detailed tour of the home and went beyond the call of duty to answer all my questions regarding the current housing market. Right then and there I decided that this was the exact person I needed to help me in my search for my "Last Dream Home".

Bottom line ... "BEST DECISION I EVER MADE!" I stand in awe of Erin Burke's down to earth and clear direct work ethic. Erin is the most determined, persevering, and dedicated realtor I have ever encountered! His attention to detail and sweet, caring demeanor made my home purchase a positive, memorable experience. His ability to effectively communicate, mediate and negotiate on behalf of his client (me) made the difference in a "Win, WIN" situation for both me and the seller. Have to say from my personal experiences, not many realtors have that skill or talent!  As far as I'm concerned ... HE IS THE BEST!!!


Olivia G.

Hi Erin,

We love our new home in The Villages Erin.  We love our spacious patio.  Have lots of my Ficus and Japanese Maples from the old house.  Things are coming together so nicely.  You helped us so much and we thank you.  Erin, I knew the minute the three of us walked thru the front door that this was going to be our new home.  The large patio finalized the deal. I would love to have seen the look on your face when I said "This is it". You were very kind and generous with the search going back and forth from Los Gatos.  You are a man of integrity Erin!!



Augusto and I can’t thank you enough for helping us find our kids a great house, in an awesome Los Gatos neighborhood for an unbelievable price.   Everything went quickly, smoothly and according to plan all we had to do was sign.  The best part is you became a friend.  You are the best and we refer anyone looking for a house to you for personal and impeccable service.

Warmest regards,

Pat & Augusto


Looking forward to seeing you when I return! My folks could not be happier and for that I'm very grateful! Hope you at well.




Thank you for all your help with our purchase of our 1st home! You were there for every question, every concern, even when we were out of the country.

You went above & beyond. We couldn't have asked for more, and certainly could not have made this step without you.

Thanks Bud,

Andy H.

“In the 8 homes we have bought and sold over the years, Erin has done more for us than any other agent we’ve ever had.”

-Dean S.

"After touring my client's home, I've never heard someone speak so highly of another agent's (Erin's) professionalism.

My client made a big point of saying how professional Erin acted in their home… I’ve never heard anyone speak so highly of any other agent in all my years in the real estate business.”



You are professional in every sense of the word. You did such a great job and were on top of it every step of the way. Thank you so much for everything!

I can't wait to have you over once we are moved in.

Danielle H.



Hi Erin,

Thanks so much for remembering us…We mention you often as the best real estate agent we’ve ever had! They could learn a thing or two from you here :)

We always said you were the best agent we ever had and we know that the house would not have sold as well as it did without your representation.


Laurie and Jack G.




Thank you for your hard work, professionalism, stamina and friendship. Have a great New Year, with one less listing to worry about!

Shane & Shelly M.



Erin Burke is a highly detailed, thorough and highly responsive agent. He worked very hard for us when we were buying a home in Los Gatos, and handled the transaction with upmost integrity and professionalism. We really appreciate Erin's hard work, and have recommended him to many of our friends.

K. & M. T.



We met Erin at an open house in Los Gatos during the first week or February 2015. We had really great first impressions and started working with him in search of our home soon after. In little under a month we were ready to put in our first offer.  We closed a month later in first week of April 2015 -- all in all, first contact to closing in two months, and that too without engaging in bidding wars or zero-contingency offers that we find to be nerve-wracking. Erin was key to making it all happen.

Erin's initial questionnaire asked us not only about the usual litany of desired items, budget, size, schools, location, type of neighborhood, etc., but also about about the intangibles.  The latter is something that is rarely asked, hard to fulfill, and yet surprisingly crucial in deciding how happy we would be in our future home. In the following few weeks, Erin showed us around neighborhoods, describing the tradeoffs and soliciting our feedback. We could tell that Erin used this feedback to learn more about our preferences and improved the matching.  During the search our busy schedules meant that we were mostly only available on weekends or late evening; Erin showed great resourcefulness by arranging visits to houses outside of open house hours, and in a couple of cases, even before the open house. By February 23, Erin had already matched us with the home that we eventually ended up buying -- that is 21 days from initial contact.

Erin respected our wishes as we drafted the offer; he not only provided his opinion about the likely selling price but also provided data about recent sales which we could use to come up with our own assessment. Erin also helped us prepare the supplemental part of the offer, in particular the letter to the seller, which in the end proved to be crucial. He respected our wishes for both the price and contingencies that we were comfortable with (despite the hyper market conditions) and maintained great communication both with us and the seller's agent to get the offer in place and its follow up.

Our journey from initial offer to closing had plenty of twists and turns, but we felt relieved and fortunate to have Erin to depend on. When our initial offer was not accepted, Erin kept up the steam and continued showing us more places. When the house was re-listed, Erin helped us to prepare the revised offer and kept up good communication with both parties to the point of acceptance of offer. After the offer was accepted, Erin helped arrange for all the inspections, and we were happy with each one of the guys that came in. They provided not just matter-of-fact assessments, but also helped put things in perspective, i.e., what are implications of their findings for us as potential buyers.

Our loan process also did not go exactly smoothly; we had a change of loan officer because of a family emergency for the original officer, and then we had some delays that took the closing right down to the wire. Erin to the rescue again -- he maintained a channel with the new loan officer. Towards the end we were in danger of slipping beyond the close-of-escrow deadline, so Erin worked with the Seller's agent to give them a heads up and keep them engaged -- he also educated us about the various scenarios. He also stayed in touch with both the loan officer and escrow officer to keep things moving. In the end we ended up closing on time, and it was a gratifying end.

Fortunately for us, Erin's contributions did not end with closing -- we are planning some minor renovations before moving in and Erin has been great in reviewing our list and providing contacts for individual as well as general contractors. Not much more that we could ask for!

Erin has been professional and competent at his job and friendly and helpful at personal level.  All in all, we had a great experience. We would be recommending Erin to many of our friends and acquaintances in coming months and years.


S. & M.





Client Testimonials